Win a whizzy Kindle Fire HD!

May 14, 2014 by The Co-operative Food Kindle Fire HD

Win a brilliant Kindle Fire HD and keep up with the latest technology trends.

It can seem as if everyone is using a tablet these days, multi screening, watching TV and getting background information on the programmes as they happen, catching up with the news, sport and more on the go, or just playing games and watching films.

When the first tablets appeared many of us looked at the strange laptop like device with no keyboard and wondered why on earth we would need one. But then as soon as you’ve tried one you’re usually hooked.

Tablets are so light and convenient. They’re big enough to watch a film on, or to do some work, especially when that means catching up on a few emails, but they’re hardly any bigger than a book, and almost certainly easier to use.

The Kindle Fire HD is a few generations on from the first Kindles which were great little reading devices but nothing else. Now the Kindle delivers apps, internet browsing, great games and viewing ability. Because it’s wi-fi enabled you can wander around the home with it, or anywhere else that has wi-fi.

What’s more, from this month the Kindle will have the new Co-operative Food Magazine available for it as a downloadable app. That means that you’ll be able to browse through all the articles in the magazine and watch the videos, all on the super convenient Kindle tablet – and you can win one!

For your chance to win a Kindle Fire HD tablet just follow this link to the competition and answer the easy question.

And if you have a tablet already don’t forget that you can now view the Food Magazine on your tablet. Go to your App Store and search for Co-operative Food Magazine.

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