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November 18, 2013 by The Co-op Observer champagne

Champagne is a real treat and it’s part of what makes our Christmas special.

Over the next couple of weeks The Co-operative is giving you the chance to win 6 bottles of champagne. There are 3 bottles of Aubert et Fils Champagne, and 3 bottles of its excellent own branded Les Pionniers Champagne.

The draw is really simple, you can enter by clicking this link: – but make sure you enter before 10th December. You’ll find the competition in the new Food Magazine too on page 67 in Glad Tidings.

Have you read the winter Food Magazine yet?

Not surprisingly its focussed on Christmas with some fabulous recipes – we’re trying the citrus gammon with parsley sauce tonight. The family love to try different ways of eating gammon. It’ll also give us an excuse to try some of the champagne cocktail recipes.

In the magazine on page 67 you’ll find three easy champagne cocktail recipes, and here are three other favourites of mine. I try to remember to chill the glasses before I start, but I don’t like the champagne itself to be too cold, I give the champagne bottle just an hour in the fridge door and that leaves it cool enough.

Champagne Classic: This is so easy, yet it tastes special and is perfect for Christmas, there’s probably a more sophisticated name, but I don’t know what it is.


  • 1 white sugar cube per glass
  • a couple of dashes of bitters per sugar cube
  • 20 ml of cognac per glass
  • champagne

To make it simply drop a sugar cube into each flute. Soak each sugar cube in a couple of dashes of bitters, pour in a small measure of cognac, and top up the glass with champagne.

Kir Royale: There are all sorts of cocktails with lots of ingredients, but I like to leave those to the professionals to make, a Kir Royale has to be as simple as it gets.


  • 1 part crème de cassis
  • 6 parts champagne

Pour the crème de cassis into your flute and top up the glass with champagne – how easy is that? I like to let the bubbles do the mixing so that you have pretty purple hues through the glass.

Classic Bellini: Invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1938 and named after 15th century artist Giovanni Bellini it’s simple as it is, and easy to try with other fruits.


  • Two skinned and stoned peaches (I cheat and use tinned peaches, which makes the drink a little sweeter)
  • Champagne

Puree the peaches in a blender until completely smooth. Pour the puree into your flute, and for each one part of puree add two parts of champagne, stir and enjoy!

Champagne is often drank too cold, it’s best around 5 degrees centigrade to get the full flavour. At Christmas I usually leave the drinks out in the shed where it’s pretty cool anyway, and then pop them in the fridge just before we need them. That saves space in doors, and saves energy too as the bottles are already cold when you pop them into the fridge.

To enter the Christmas competition to win 3 bottles of champagne click here.

Click here to read the magazine online.

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