Whole leg of lamb – half price at The Co-operative.

May 28, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 34156

What’s your favourite roast?

For me it has to be roast lamb, and the family love the shepherd’s pie I make for Monday night’s dinner using any leftover whole meat in place of mince.

Lamb is so simple to cook, whether you go for a light pink roast in under two hours, or take the opposite approach and cook it for a really long time at a lower temperature.

I found this recipe (click link) for roast leg of lamb on The Co-operative’s website which includes lemon and rosemary – it’s a good combination and the sharp citrus of the lemon cuts through the strong flavour of the fatty meat so well.

Using lemon with meats makes me think of Moroccan cuisine and probably my favourite way to roast a whole leg of lamb. That is with lemon peel, juice and tagine spices such as cumin, saffron and ras el hanout. Ras el hanout is a mix of different spices, supposed to be the best the vendor offers, it includes combinations of chilli, cumin, pepper, paprika, turmeric and sometimes more exotic spices such as ash berries or even rosebud. Cooking with all these spices and a whole head of garlic will fill the kitchen, or maybe the house, with wonderful smells that will tease you over the six or more hours that it cooks for. If you try a slow roast be sure to seal the roasting pan well so that all the juices stay with the meat. When it’s finished the meat will just fall off the bone – quite the opposite to having it pink.

While roast potatoes are a favourite, I like a lot of good gravy soaked up with mashed potatoes, or even warmed mashed chick peas. A big pile of buttery steaming greens goes down well too.

Currently at selected Co-operative stores you can get a whole leg of lamb deal that’ll have you dreaming of Sundays. There’s a whole leg of lamb at half price – just £6.24, and all the key trimmings are reduced too. Get a cauliflower for £1, sweetheart cabbage for 75p, a 2kg bag of red potatoes for £2, and a jar of Coleman’s mint sauce for £1. There is even a Yorkshire Pudding deal with Aunt Bessie’s 12 Yorkshire Puddings at just £1.50.

Whether you go for a slow and aromatic roast, or a carving joint that’s quick, pink, garlicy and gorgeous, be sure to make the most of your Sunday roast at The Co-operative. You could even have it on a Monday!

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