The Early May Bank Holiday.

April 27, 2014 by The Co-op Observer 17877

Finally we can feel a hint of summer in the air. We were lucky with a warm and sunny Easter across much of the country, and the hedgerows are bursting into flower now.

This is a great time of year for holidays too – we have Easter itself and then quickly after come the two May bank holidays.

The next, the Early May Bank Holiday, is often referred to as May Day. The actual May Day is always the first of May, no matter what day it falls on, whereas the holiday is on the first Monday in May.

Over time this holiday has had different significance, probably as a celebration to welcome the coming summer from as far back as Roman times. More recently it has been a day of campaigning for, and celebrating, workers rights and known as Labour Day.

The fun side of the time of year is also celebrated across Britain with the crowning of May Queens and the Morris dancers take over the streets (and pubs) in many a traditional market town. Some Morris Men dress in all white. Then by contrast other groups dress in black tatters, with even their skin blackened. These look a sinister sight, though their merriment allays any fear that their appearance may create.

One of the exciting celebrations of early May happens in Padstow, which most of us know better as the base for so many of Rick Stein’s programmes. In Padstow the Obby Oss is a fun day of drinking and dancing in the streets centred around the Osses. These horse-like figures are stabled in different Padstow pubs and dance through the streets accompanied by accordions, drums and a lot of singing and shouting. The festival starts at midnight on the 1st May with singing outside of The Golden Lion, and overnight the town is decorated with flowers, flags and greenery. It’s not for the faint hearted!

Whatever you get up to for the bank holiday weekend The Co-operative is here for you with the food and drinks you need, and some great deals too. My favourite wine deal for the weekend is the Corte Mayor Rioja Crinza, with a third off at ÂŁ6.99 it’s a good flavoursome red, that looks great on the table too. The delicious award winning Co-operative Prosecco is on offer at just ÂŁ6.66.

It’s not just the big deals that attract us to the Co-operative though, the everyday excellent prices on essentials like bread, milk, bacon and others mean that the shop around the corner isn’t just the most convenient, it also stocks what I need at a price I don’t need to worry about.

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