The Co-operative celebrates own-brand success at International Spirit Awards

July 2, 2015 by The Co-operative Food

Co-operative award winning spirits

The Co-operative Food is toasting success after a number of their award-winning spirits received plaudits alongside some of the World’s most iconic brands.

The convenience retailer has been awarded eight top accolades at this year’s International Spirits Challenge alongside big worldwide brands.

The Co-operative London Dry Gin joined the likes of Tanqueray Old Tom Gin – a premium world-class gin costing up to four times the retailer’s own-brand bottle – to scoop silver.

The retailer’s 5 Year Old Premium Whisky, 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky, Superior White Rum and Vodka also received a silver medal alongside big names – Talisker, Havana, Finlandia.

The prestigious competition, which strives to “reward quality and celebrate excellence”, is open to entries from across the world. Each entry is blind tested by expert judges and is scored for its aroma, appearance, taste and finish.

The Co-operative picked up five silver and three bronze medals in total. The latest wins recognise the retailer’s commitment to offering shoppers the best quality own-brand products, right on their doorstep.

Full award details below:

The Co-operative 12 Year Old Single Malt Scottish Whisky 70cl £22.99 – SILVER
This single malt whisky is produced at just one distillery with the same mash from a particular strain of barley. Matured in American white oak casks and aged-Olorosso sherry butts, this classic whisky has a deep gold mahogany hue that just adds to its warmth and allure. Full bodied with rich malts, citrus fruits and crushed almonds, there’s a subtle hint of marzipan and chocolate on the nose. On the palate, the flavour is intense, positive and elegant releasing complex citrus, sherry and exotic spiced on the tongue with a long finish. Sip it gently with a dash of still water.

The Co-operative 5 Year Old Premium Whisky 70cl £17.99 – SILVER
A noble blend revealing a perfect marriage of Highland and Speyside Malts, creating a golden honey whisky with shimmering highlights. Warm and rich on the nose yet full and intense, the Highland and Speyside Malts slowly emerge in complete harmony. The firm backbone reveals not just one single aged Malt or Grain but a combination of both. The whisky has a rare distinction with a soft luscious flavoured finish, leaving the palate warm and fully rewarded.

The Co-operative London Dry Gin 70cl £11.99 – SILVER
Double distilled, this gin has inviting fragrances of juniper and zesty lemon with a long and slightly peppery finish.

The Co-operative Superior White Rum 70cl £12.49 – SILVER
Light and fresh on the nose with a little sweet vegetal aroma and pepper, this medium-bodied rum is light in flavour with hints of dark brown sugar, spice and nuts.

The Co-operative Vodka 70cl £11.99 – SILVER
A smooth vodka with a slight vanilla note and creamy finish.

The Co-operative Napoleon Brandy 70cl £12.49 – BRONZE

The Co-operative Navy Rum 70cl £12.49 – BRONZE

The Co-operative Blended Whisky 70cl £12.99 – BRONZE
Tanqueray Old Tom Gin (100cl, £50.75) – not available from the Co-operative

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