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March 20, 2014 by The Co-op Observer bunnies(1)

No toiletries or household products from The Co-operative’s own brand range have been tested on animals for decades.

The Co-operative has always been a leader in its own quiet way.

The very roots of the business were revolutionary when it set out to create value for customers in a world that seemed consumed by greed.

Over the decades it has led the way in doing the right thing by its customers, its members, and just as important – its suppliers.

Since 1985 , no Co-operative own-brand toiletries or their ingredients have been tested on animals, that’s long before it became fashionable for businesses to take a caring stance. This position was extended when the business ensured that there were no ingredients or products tested on animals in its household product range. This has been the case since 1997.

For The Co-operative this wasn’t a choice driven by fashion, but one driven by its members and customers who mandated that animal testing should be avoided in household and toiletry products.

It’s in recognition of its outstanding work that The Co-operative was the first UK supermarket to be certified by Cruelty Free International (CFI) for both toiletries and household products. You’ll see their leaping bunny logo on all Co-operative toiletries and household products – it’s your short cut indicator that the products are CFI approved and not tested on animals.

It won’t surprise you that The Co-operative has a ban on animal testing for its pet foods – there are just a few lucky willing animal volunteers who taste pet foods to determine which are preferred!

Doing the right thing never stops, and the bar is always rising. Progress has been made and, in 2013, the sale of animal tested cosmetics and toiletries was banned from in the UK. Right now Cruelty Free International is looking to secure a UK ban on animal testing for all household products and their ingredients.

You can do your bit by checking for the leaping bunny logo of CFI approval whenever you’re buying toiletries, or household goods. Better still, just buy Co-operative own brand and you’ll know straight away that no animal testing has been employed.

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