The bad weather hasn’t only affected our holidays

October 19, 2012 by The Co-op Observer Fruit and vegetables in store

None of us need a reminder that our summer brought us some pretty awful weather. June was the wettest for decades, July not much better. Yet what is easy to forget is that back in March we had a drought, with hosepipe bans being introduced in some areas.

The combination of awful summer weather, a dry spring and now a stormy autumn has played havoc with Britain’s farming. Crop yields have been down in all areas, with particular impact being felt in top fruit (apples and pears to you and I) and root vegetables where harvests are down by as much as 25%. Wheat has suffered too, with not enough sunshine to ripen the ears of the cereal that are used to make flour, which in turn is used for pasta, bread and other baked goods.

All this disruption has led to a difficult year for farmers, and as one of Britain’s largest farmers, we should know. So at The Co-operative Food we’re determined to do all we can to help British farmers out in these tough conditions.

One easy thing that we can do is to introduce the wonky carrot and his friend the misshapen potato to our shelves. By widening the criteria used to select certain fruit and veg and allowing more cosmetic variation, we can keep the British food you love on sale whilst delivering the great taste and quality you want.

So you might see more of a bend in your parsnips, an apple that isn’t perfectly round or a smaller potato, but you can be assured that we will maintain the same great flavour as always. What’s more if you can snap up the fruit and vegetables that might once have not made the grade, you’re doing your part to help British farmers.

The Co-operative Food. We’re here for you, and Britain’s farmers too.

For tips on getting the most out of your vegetables read the blog by our partners at Love Food Hate Waste.

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