The Activate Sport Foundation – getting 80,000 young people active

July 26, 2012 by The Co-operative Food get-active-kids

After a dismal showing on the weather front over the last month or so we are finally seeing some much needed sunshine, and I’m sure many of us just want to get out and enjoy it.

Being active, whether in or out of doors is so important for our children, yet many are deprived of the opportunity of taking part in the organised sports that might help them avoid weight or even behaviour problems, as well as giving them a good start in making social relationships work.

For the last few years The Co-operative has worked with the Activate Sport Foundation, inspiring young people to get involved with sport no matter what background they are from.

The Activate Sport Foundation has a big mission. It believes that all young people, regardless of ability or social background, should have access to sporting opportunities. It’s not necessarily about finding the next Bradley Wiggins or Owen Farrell, it’s about giving children the opportunity and structure to tackle problems like obesity and behaviour issues head on, and if it turns out a champion along the way then so much the better!

Over the next three weeks we have teamed up with Procter and Gamble (P&G) to raise enough extra funds for Activate Sport to get 80,000 young people active through 211 activity days. During this period P&G will donate 3p to Activate Sport for every product purchased from a wide range of their most popular P&G brands. 3p might not sound much, but when you think that we have around 14 million store visits a week you’ll see the money soon adds up. Together with P&G we’re aiming to raise at least £300,000 for the foundation between 25th July and 14th August.

This means that buying some of the products you need anyway like shampoo, washing powder or baby wipes will help make a difference to such a fantastic cause, and on top of that we have some fantastic deals on P&G products too. View big deals on P&G products here>

The full list of products to look out for in the Activate Sport Foundation promotion are Bold, Fairy, Flash, Lenor, Head and Shoulders, Silvikrin, Pantene, Tampax, Always, Herbal Essences and Pampers. Check in store for details.

At The Co-operative we like to make it easier for you to stay healthy by offering great foods at a good price in our convenient local stores, but sometimes sitting back and letting people come to us isn’t enough. Working with the Activate Sport  Foundation is one of the many ways we get involved in helping our communities and especially our young people to help themselves.

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