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February 12, 2013 by The Co-operative Food couple pic

I was shocked when I read that a recent piece of research has suggested that couples start taking each other for granted really quickly after getting married. Apparently it only takes us three and a half years before all those lovely things we used to do for each other go out the window. That is of course assuming you did them in the first place!

Remember when you first met your partner. Did you try to dress your best every time you saw them? Maybe you even felt embarrassed if they turned up unannounced and you were in your comfy clothes? When did that stop? Or do you still make the effort?

The survey, which spoke to 2,000 married couples, quoted 50 different signs of slippage that many, if not all of us, demonstrate. Some of them are the things you’d expect like forgetting the little anniversaries, or even the big ones, but with most of us using pretty sophisticated phones these days there’s no excuse for that is there? What about not noticing a new haircut perhaps? While we’re on the subject of hair – do you still shave at the weekends? That’s a question for the boys and the girls!

I wonder which of the little transgressions actually annoy the other partner, and which are just accepted, or even liked in a funny kind of way. Slobbing around the house in tracky bottoms is hardly elegant, but it is comfortable, and it means that when you dress up it really makes a difference. But watching TV throughout your time at home, and even eating at different times isn’t so good.

I know a lot of friends who don’t buy each other presents anymore, not just for birthdays and Christmas, but just because. If things are a bit tight it makes sense to set a low budget limit, but not buying each other anything seems like a romance killer.

Come on all you lovely people, if you feel that you may have started to slip into the trap of taking your partner for granted you just have time to do something about it before Valentine’s Day is upon us. I bet if you do a little something romantic and unexpected for your loved one on Thursday they’ll be delighted.

It could be a special meal out, but it could just as easily be a special meal in! Our dine in for £10 Valentine’s meal deal includes a main, side, dessert and wine. Light the candles, scrub up and look your best, get the love back in the air.

I know when the kids are screaming, there are ten TV programmes different members of the family want to watch, and someone has to do the chores, then getting smoochy can be a long way from top of mind, but give it a go, you might just rekindle the passion, not just on Valentine’s Day, on any day.

A poll by The Co-operative of 2000 adults shows three years and 6 months is the point where couples prefer sleep over sex, stop saying “I love you” and don’t bother ‘dating’ anymore. Find out the top 50 signs you’re partner is taking you for granted on the Telegraph website (link opens in new window). Or if you’re short on time  the Daily Mail and the Daily Star  have the top 20 signs (links opens in new window).

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