Tapas Pizza – a fusion delight!

July 20, 2012 by The Co-operative Food TI tapas pizza

We’re all excited about the new Truly Irresistible Tapas Pizza that has hit the shelves this summer – it’s a tastetastic fusion of some of southern Europe’s favourite foods.

Of course Italy lays claim to inventing the pizza, and they lent us that most Italian combination of tomato sauce with lovely creamy mozzarella which we’ve used for this pizza. That’s a great start, but then how about we add Spanish favourite manchego cheese for its piquant flavour and then spicy chorizo sausage? Roasted red and yellow peppers not only look great, but they add a sweetness that goes so well with Greece’s kalamata olives to make this pizza a treat every time.

There’s even a sachet of zingy salsa to drizzle over your pizza for an even greater taste explosion!

It’s only £4.19 and it’s great with a big bowl of summer salad and a glass of wine – but which wine do you go for, an Italian or a Spanish? Whichever you choose we think you’ll love it as party food or a mid-week treat.

The Truly Irresistible Pizza is a limited edition that will only be on the shelves for the summer – it is already proving a hit, UK Mums’ website said that “With plenty of olives and a wide range of traditional toppings including a smattering of spicy chorizo, this tasted fresh and full of flavour. “ We couldn’t agree more!

We loved cutting the bubbling pizza into slices and folding them slightly into a u shape to eat with our hands as soon as it was cool enough, but of course if that’s just too messy cutting it up with a knife and fork is the way to go.

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