Spring Wine Festival

March 21, 2013 by The Co-operative Food wine-fest-art2

Do you like to know all about the wines you’re drinking? Or are you happy to grab what looks good, and then be pleasantly surprised when you hit upon a cracker? I’m closer to the latter, but I do enjoy it when I pay some attention and select something that’s really suitable to the moment.

Whichever camp you fall into you should certainly look out for The Co-operative Spring Wine Festival that’s running between March 13th and April 2nd. There are some very good wines at excellent prices, some are even half price. Get along to one of the bigger stores in your area to find the perfect accompaniment for your Easter holidays.

Here are a few of the highlights – not every one of these will be available in every store, and stocks are sure to move quickly, so if you read of something you are particularly keen on it’s worth looking for it this weekend.

We’ll be having a slow roast shoulder of lamb at Easter that I’ll cook through the day with loads of rosemary from the garden. By the time we sit down to eat the meat will be just falling from the bones.

I’ll be looking for a robust red to drink with this and I have my eye on two good Riojas that are included in the spring wine festival offers. Both are reservas and for a Spanish red that means it has been aged for three years, with at least one year in oak casks. This should guarantee a better, more refined wine. The Marques de Valido Rioja Reserva 2008 will be available at just £5.49, down from £10.99 and the Baron de Ley Rioja Reserva will be just £6.99 instead of £10.99.

We’ll be having a few guests around and I hope to push the boat out a bit and welcome them with a bottle of fizz. If I’m feeling generous then I’ll be hoping to buy the Charles de Cazonove NV Brut Champagne which is just £15.99, that’s half price, which is a heck of a saving on an expensive drink like champagne. The notes that go with the drink say “Its evocative nose of warm brioche and ripe red fruits leads to a mellow palate which combines citrus and evolving, toasty flavours.  It is lovely with all hors d’oeuvres and with an array of smoked fish and seafood dishes.” Wow! Warm brioche – I think I’ve only ever tasted that on a school exchange trip to France when I was about 15. But it certainly sounds good and having had a bottle at Christmas I know it tastes mighty fine too.

Whites are not left out either. There is the New Zealand Nobilo Limited Release Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012 at half price – now this is another gorgeous wine that I reach for whenever I see it, and when it’s so cheap I shall be stocking up a bit too. If the shelf is empty at The Co-operative around the corner from our house you might need to blame me!

The great bargains above are hard to resist and give you excellent wines at unbeatable prices. There’s one other wine that I’ll draw your attention to – that’s the Montes Alpha Syrah 2009/10, this red from Chile may be more expensive at £9.99 but it is one of my favourites. I’ll be saving a bottle of this to enjoy after all the guests have gone. I have said before that I’m no expert, but this is a beauty with a complex flavor that I’m working to understand – and if that’s work then I’m lucky indeed!

The Spring Wine Festival runs from 13th March to 2nd April and offers you lots more wonderful wine bargains than I have listed here. Get along early to snap up the best of what’s on offer.

Take a look at our latest wine deals at: http://www.co-operativefood.co.uk/deals/Shopping-List/wines-and-champagnes/

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