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March 5, 2014 by The Co-op Observer 30114

Top deals for early March

Whether spring starts on the 20th of March, or the 1st of March, it’s still a good time to snap up some excellent food deals, drink deals and even some very good meat and chicken deals at your local Co-operative.

From now until the 11th of March there’s a great variety of deals to tempt your taste buds and to get you cooking.

Let’s look at some of the meat deals – there are so many potential main courses here:

  • Sirloin steak. Save £3 per kilo on small beef sirloin steaks at £16.50 a kilo.
  • Succulent lamb steaks at just £5 a pack – that’s £12.50 a kilo
  • King prawns. Great for a curry, kebabs, or even a posh prawn cocktail, and now with a third off at £4 a pack.
  • Chicken thigh fillets. How convenient is that? The tastiest part of the bird, but already boned and skinned so you can avoid any waste, and with a third off you’re saving money too at only £3 a pack.

It’s not just meat deals at The Co-operative though.

Most of us love cheese, though some like it stronger than others. Right now there is a cheese deal on Wyke Farms Cheddar and you can choose mature, or vintage and buying one, you also get one free, mix and max if that suits you best.

There are other half price deals on delicious Copella apple juice, Muller Corner yoghurts, breaded cured ham, and Utterly Butterly from St Ivel.

You can rely on The Co-operative for great tasting wines that don’t leave an expensive hole in your pocket. Until the 11th March much loved Hardys Stamp reds and whites are on offer at £4.99, that’s a third off, while four packs of Carling, Fosters and Strongbow are only £3.75.

Now carrots might not seem the obvious bargain to reach for, but since we have started snacking on them in our effort to eat a healthier diet this year we have been getting through loads. I’m happy to see a big convenient bag of our new favourite vegetable at only £1 kilo. There are a whole lot more to look out for too.

For all these great deals and more visit the deals page of The Co-operative website today by following this link.

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