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May 17, 2013 by The Co-operative Food crispsnewart

Hey! This is no story of a drink before a drive. This is a tale of the all important snack selection before hitting the road.

As a family we love a road trip – whether it’s just for the weekend, or a whole holiday taking in the scenery, at home and abroad.

And now that the hour has changed our thoughts have already turned to where we might end up.

Just last weekend we arranged a special treat for a friend’s birthday and we all took off to an excellent pub in the Yorkshire Dales with the plan of a big walk, dinner in the pub, and then an overnight stay. Once the pub was sorted the next task was determining what we’d take on the drive to sustain us. And it’s an important decision involving strategy, consideration of distance, and the need to balance fun food with a fair crack at our five a day.

We know that we’ll eat all that we take. We have been doing this long enough to understand that now, so if we take too many crisps and snacks we’ll just be annoyed with ourselves for overeating. That gets to be an ever more important consideration as the selection available improves all the time.

We’re not own brand devotees, but we do love The Co-operative’s crisps, and now there are a few new flavours that are just crying out to be tried. The Truly Irresistible Sweet Chilli crisps deliver a savoury and sweet mix in a great crunchy taste explosion of British potato with lemon grass and a good chilli hit.

Or how about honey glazed barbecue spare rib flavour? Sounds mad, tastes fab! Grab them quick as these are a limited edition.

A lot of the time we bumble along in an ancient Morris Minor and so it should come as no surprise that we like a touch of retro. So for a shorter Moggy trip I think we’ll load up with a multi pack of Cheese Puffs, Onion Rings and Streaky Crispies. I love the way cheese puffs melt under your tongue and leave your fingers bright orange!

Now I mentioned that I try to balance all this snack feasting with a good stab at getting our five a day too, and that’s not just hollow talk. Apples, pears, satsumas, bananas, they all qualify, provided you can eat them from your hand. And here’s a secret – if I’m driving I do like to have a clean car, but in my car you are allowed to put your fruit peel at your feet, however you’ll be in trouble if you forget to take it out when we all arrive at our destination.

Crisps in the car are good, but nuts aren’t! I love nuts and I’m keen on the new salted almonds and chilli peanuts, but for me they are designed to be eaten at home, ideally with a beer to wash them down. It’s all to do with that clean car thing and not liking the idea of a few strays rolling around the car for weeks.

So what about our Dales trip? It was lovely. You really do have to get to places like the Dales now and then to really appreciate how beautiful our country is. I do like a holiday abroad, but I’m happy with a road trip here too. We walked for several hours from the tiny hamlet of Elslack, and were then rewarded by a gorgeous dinner in the pub. Perfect.

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