Planning a relaxed Christmas

November 11, 2013 by The Co-op Observer relaxmas

The secret to an enjoyable, and relaxed Christmas. #relaxmas

Most of us are pretty hectic at Christmas, but we don’t have to be.

I’ve been thinking about properly planning this year to get the most out of my favourite season. By thinking ahead I intend to have only nice surprises, rather than the usual feeling of dread when I realise that I’ve forgotten something (or someone) important.

I’ve started off with a few distinct headings for my planning

  1. Cards and presents
  2. Visitors and parties
  3. And the most exciting bit – the food!

Let’s start by thinking about cards and presents.

Presents: It’s easy to get carried away buying expensive presents for friends, and if you have time to think about it, and you can afford it, then it can be very rewarding. However if you’re watching the pennies it might be better to agree a small limit to the value you’ll spend on each other.

At The Co-operative there are some great deals on gift sets. Until 19th November gift sets from Bayliss and Harding are available from only £4 to £10 and they make useful presents that will always be welcome.

A bottle of something special is always welcome too – download the deals app and you’ll always know what special drinks deals are happening at your Co-operative.

Having a list of people you’ll buy presents for helps you stay in control, and means that when you spot a bargain you can give them something lovely for less.

Of course if you’re super organised you might even write your list now for next year and buy presents in the sales.

Cards: For something a bit different you could download an app and create special cards for the special people in your life, you can also buy your cards at The Co-operative when you’re out shopping.

If a personalised card isn’t quite special enough you can even create your own stamps at Royal Mail – that’ll make your mum smile! You can buy stamps online too, but then you can also buy them at your local Co-operative so just write them on your shopping list.

Update your card list now and you can make sure you have enough. The organised will add people to their list as unexpected cards arrive, and the super organised might buy next year’s cards in January in the sales.

Last international surface mail posting dates have already gone but here are the important airmail dates:

4th December: Asia, Far East and New Zealand

5th December: Australia

6th December: Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America and the Middle East

9th December: Cyprus and Eastern Europe

10th December: Canada, France, Greece and Poland

13th December USA

14th December The rest of Western Europe

UK last posting dates are:

18th December 2nd class

20th December 1st class

23rd Special Delivery Guaranteed

Get the planning right and you should be able to reward yourself with a little ‘me time’ too. One lovely idea posted on Twitter using #relaxmas was to book a massage – that sounds tempting every day of the week!

In the next day or so I’ll share thoughts about guests, parties and the most important thing – the food!

Have a calmer Christmas by planning ahead a little – share your ideas for a relaxed Christmas by using the #relaxmas.

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