Pancake Day – the best fun with food for the whole year.

February 11, 2013 by The Co-operative Food pancake13

Tossing the pancake has to be the most hilarious thing you’re likely to get up to with food in the kitchen. It’s actually easy and the best way to do it is to have the perfect pancake mixture to start with. Easy that is after you’ve had a few mishaps getting your technique just right.

In our household we have pancakes far more often than once a year, and I’m sure that the practice has helped us turn out great results almost every time. You can’t rush it though – I believe that the batter mixture has to rest for a while, at least half an hour.

There are three good pancake day recipes at the end of this piece, and one in the Food magazine so I won’t labour mine. I just use well sieved flour, 2 eggs, milk and just a pinch of salt. Sometimes we use wholemeal flour for something a little more like a Breton galette. Keep your mixture runny – almost as thick as single cream is a good consistency.

The other vital point to remember is to use as little oil as possible – we put a drop in the hot pan, wipe it around quickly with a piece of kitchen towel, and that’s usually enough.

Don’t worry if a few go wrong, it’s the chef’s right in our kitchen to have those to themselves!

Then experiment with different fillings – just a dusting of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice is a delight, but if you’re showing off how about creamed spinach, or even curried prawns so you’re making something like a prawn puri? The combinations are endless and can be savoury or sweet.

So what is Pancake Day? Or, What is Shrove Tuesday, to give it its proper name. It always falls on the last day before Lent which is a Christian time of fasting in preparation for Easter. Traditionally certain foods are not eaten during the forty days of Lent, in particular meats, dairy products and eggs. It naturally followed that these were eaten on Shrove Tuesday to use up stocks and to celebrate. Even today many people give up certain foods for Lent, though they may not be particularly religious. In 2013 Pancake Day is on Tuesday 12th of February.

If mixing your own batter sounds a little too adventurous for you don’t worry – you can buy an excellent batter mix at your local Co-operative. There’s even a third off at the moment – it’s only 30p a packet up until the 12th of February. The other essentials are reduced too with JIF lemons at 50p and the gorgeous Bukwood Canadian Maple Syrup at just £3.99. View all of our pancake deals here>

Here are three recipes from The Co-operative for you to try – it’s always good to have some frozen fruits in the freezer, and this is a great time to use them in a sweet pancake.

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