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May 14, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 34191

The new Co-operative Food Magazine always causes a stir in our household. We enjoy our cooking most of the time, and the new magazine always prompts us with different ideas to try. It’ll be online and in store from Wednesday.

Right now we’re moving into the exciting season of asparagus, courgettes, broad beans, strawberries and tomatoes, and each of these has a recipe or two in the May June edition.

It’s also a big important time for football fans with the FA Cup and the deciding match of the Premier League in the space of a week. Now I’m not going to suggest to the boys in the family that they get stuck into some pre-match gastronomics, but I might well treat them to the great looking food in the Footie Feast section at the back of the magazine. You don’t need football as an excuse to try the spiced fish tacos with guacamole, but if it helps them eat something healthier when they’re glued to the box then that’s good by me.

I enjoyed the “Meet The Producer” feature in the new magazine. It’s all about pigs, and in particular the British favourite all in one food, the sausage. Great for breakfast, dinner and tea the sausage is such a good all rounder. These days the national interest in food quality has brought out more artisan sausages too, and that has to be a good thing. The Co-operative plays its part using good quality British meat and experimenting with some great limited edition favourites. Give me a well-spiced Cumberland though and I’m happy, it’s good in a roll, and good with a pile of fluffy mash too. Hot English mustard on the side please!

The weather is getting better and salads are on the menu. In the magazine you’ll find a lovely fresh tasting salad recipe that we tried for lunch yesterday. Look for the minted halloumi and spinach salad, the mint gives it a light zing, and the chewy salty cheese is always an interesting addition to a meal.

For a brief period that most special vegetable, the British asparagus is in season and I urge you all to benefit from the eight weeks or so that it’s available locally. There is a specific season that runs from 24 April to 21st June. 50% of all Asparagus sold at The Co-operative is grown in Britain, so you know it hasn’t travelled far. The reason that there’s such excitement over the local crop is two fold, the cut ends dry quickly and get tough so it’s good to eat soon after it’s picked, but also the flavour is wonderful when it’s just been picked. If there’s a grower near you then do try some straight from the field if you’re allowed to – just give it a quick wash, no need to cook it.

There are several asparagus recipes in the new magazine, and it features with another short season special – the Jersey Royal. The 3 for 2 feature that takes three simple ingredients and makes two good suppers uses asparagus, Jersey Royals and eggs this time. All Co-operative eggs are free range British and they’re now part of the Fair and Square prices proposition that guarantees you a good price on the products you need every day.

There are plenty of new things to try in the May June Food Magazine – I’m hoping to make the courgette and lemon cake this afternoon. I have got my head around carrot cake, after all you see it in so many places these days – but courgettes? Well, it certainly looks good in the magazine.

I hope you love the new magazine too.

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