National Curry Week 2013

September 30, 2013 by The Co-operative Food national curry week

National Curry Week is now in it’s 16th year, and as part of the celebrations the honorary title of Curry Capital of Britain will be awarded to the city that’s recognised as having the strongest curry culture. The week will see promotions in restaurants, and much fund raising for the Curry Tree Charitable Fund which raises money for food relief charities. There will also be various cooking feats and demonstrations, including bids for records such as cooking the world’s largest onion bhaji – currently held in Bradford and weighing in at over 100kgs!

Curry is an integral part of the British food landscape these days with chicken tikka masala often quoted as the nation’s favourite dish. Apparently we eat over 3.5 million curries a week and 1 in 7 of those are tikka masalas.

You can make a great chicken tikka masala at home, and with hundreds of different recipes to choose from, many of which only have chicken as their common thread, no one can tell you that you have got it wrong. We have a go at home now and then, but I think that no matter how well you marinate the meat, not having a tandoor oven handy by means there’s definitely something missing from the flavour. You need rather a lot of ingredients as well, it’s OK once you’ve bought your spices as most will last a long time, but it’s a bit expensive buying them all from scratch.

I have to admit that I’m more likely to serve up the gorgeous new Chicken Tikka Masala ready meals. It’s one of the stars from The Co-operative’s excellent new ready meal range that has 33 new lines and many more improved versions of existing meals. The curry has tender seared British chicken in a mild spiced sauce of tomatoes, onion and yoghurt. Gorgeous! And a 500g serving with fragrant basmati rice is not only a great meal choice, it’s easy on the wallet too at just £3.50. And for National Curry Week there’s a great deal on Indian and Chinese ready meals with 2 for £5.

All the meat in the new ready meals range is 100% British as part of The Co-operative’s pledge to help British farmers, and provide traceable meat throughout the stores. The other ingredients are all things you’d find at home, with none of those strange chemicals that leave you a little worried about what you’re eating.

Whether you choose your curry off the shelf, make it at home, or go out to the local restaurant be sure you make the most of National Curry Week to spice up your menu.

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