Tess Truss named the ‘Mother of all Mothers’ for fostering more than 300 children!

March 10, 2016 by The Co-operative Food

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve been on a mission to find the ‘Mother of all Mothers’ and we’re proud to announce that Tess Truss, from Aberwsyth, has been awarded the title for fostering more than 300 children!

Mum of five, the 65-year old has been named the ‘Mother of all Mothers’ for her commitment to helping hundreds of young people during her 21 years of fostering – attending countless parents’ evenings, sport days, and school plays.


Pictured: Tess Truss with Daughter Liz Truss Genc and friends and family – l-r front: Yasemin, Scarlett, Ayla, Amir, Blake, Leila, Bethan, Zac, Bronagh, Harvey, Chad and Gema

We partnered with the National Fostering Agency Group in a national search to find the ultimate mum ahead of Mother’s Day. To celebrate, we threw a big afternoon tea party in Tess’ honour with many of those that she has helped. With five children of her own, Tess would look after up to six children at any one time during her career and was often nicknamed “Nanny Tess” or “Gran” by those she fostered and is even godmother to the children of someone she had fostered. Now retired, Tess helps to look after her nine grandchildren and still cares for two young people under a special guardianship. Tess said:

“I’m so honoured to be recognised in this way. My children spurred me to start fostering and whilst it has been tough, there’s nothing more rewarding that helping those that need it most. I’ve always strived to make their lives as normal as possible so those that have stayed with us have been on family holidays, received the same amount of Christmas presents and I’m always there on sport days shouting the kids on.”


Pictured: Tess Truss with Daughter Liz

Her dedication also inspired her daughter, Liz to foster. Now 36, she became the youngest foster carer in Wales at the age of 25. With four children of her own, she has had many long-term foster placements as well as caring for children with severe autism by offering regular respite during the week and weekends to allow parents to have a break.

Steve Murrells, Retail Chief Executive of the Co-op, said:

“These inspiring stories show the power of what people can do. I can imagine that many of the children that they have helped have felt alone and worried about being in care and it must take a lot to make them feel safe.”

Iain Anderson, Group Chief Executive for National Fostering Agency, said

“We are immensely proud of the commitment and dedication of all our foster care families.  Each and every day they make a real difference to the quality of life for so many children and young people who have been placed with them. We can only thank Co-op Food for this fantastic recognition and their willingness to raise the profile of foster care in general to help us find and recruit for wonderful families like Tess and Liz”.


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