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May 1, 2013 by The Co-operative Food magazine image

I’m sitting at my desk in glorious sunshine and that’s perfect for flicking through the new Co-operative Food Magazine with its salads and barbecue ideas.

Just staring at the cover gets me in the mood for cooking out of doors – gorgeous chicken kebabs with a sweet honey marinade, and spicy halloumi kebabs too. Halloumi wasn’t even sold in a lot of shops until recently, but you can get it now and it’s a great alternative to chicken and meat, whether you eat meat or not.

I’m thinking of building a proper brick barbecue this year because I’m really not very good at putting ours in the shed for the winter. The result is that it’s usually rusty by the time I come back to it and I have to buy another anyway. It’ll be near the kitchen so running in and out will be easy, and if the weather isn’t great I can always cook outside, but then eat at the table.

The magazine has a great idea that you may miss – it’s called “barbecue tip” on page 7 and it talks about popping a couple of bananas on the side of the charcoal still in their skins. They won’t look pretty when they have gone all black – but the flesh inside will be an amazing sweet goo that is perfect with ice cream.

It’s not all about barbecue though. There are 33 recipes and I’m up for trying everything, although I probably won’t get around to all of them.

My first will be walnut and rocket pesto. I’ve got rocket growing in a pot and that will be a good way of using some. It’s good to keep using fresh rocket as it seems to get really hot if you let it go to flower.

And milkshakes. This was just what I needed to remind me how much everyone in the family love milkshakes, they seem ideal for when the sun comes out. We’ll probably try all sorts of fruits in them – strawberry is a good one to start with, but blueberries, bananas, and raspberries will all be tried too.

The magazine heralds in the start of the asparagus season with an article about a grower in the heart of England’s asparagus country – Evesham. It’s worth trying imported asparagus and then some super fresh English to spot the difference. Much of the imported is pretty special, but then a bunch of English, ideally picked that day, will show you how good it can be. Ross, the grower, talks about having it with crispy pancetta and a soft boiled egg. Sounds delicious! I love it raw as well.

You can read about The Co-operative’s Dairy and Farming Groups in the magazine, this tells you how the business is sourcing its fresh meat, and milk, from selected British farms which they have an on-going relationship with. By working this way The Co-operative knows just where its fresh meats and milk is coming from, and can guarantee a higher welfare standard for the animals. Apparently The Co-operative sells 360 million litres of milk a year! That’s a staggering amount. It’s good to know that the business works with the farmers to ensure everyone gets a good deal, the customer, the farmer, and even the cows.

The magazine is online from today 1st May, and it’s in stores too, so browse online, and pick up a copy so you can cut out your favourite articles.

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Take a look at our latest Magazine: http://www.co-operativefood.co.uk/food-magazine/

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