Lighter Bottles Mean Less Energy

April 17, 2013 by The Co-operative Food wine article image

I love the way innovators think and the changes to everyday life that they come up with that most of us just wouldn’t bother to challenge. This thought came to mind when I was reading about how The Co-operative is saving hundreds of tonnes of carbon just from using lighter weight wine bottles.

Now if you have read many of my blogs then you’ll know that I do like my wine, and reading about lighter bottles immediately made me think of a personal advantage for all of us shoppers too. If the bottles are lighter then they are easier to carry, using less energy for us as well. I think that’s what you call a win-win situation.

So how will they do it? Well it turns out that modern bottle production techniques mean that a more regular bottle can be produced that is both thinner and lighter. The important bit is that the regularity of glass more than compensates for any loss of strength the bottle may have suffered from using less glass. That means you end up with a bottle that is at least as strong, but uses less glass in its production, and less energy in its transportation.

For The Co-operative using lighter bottles across all its own brand wines is part of its work towards achieving its ethical pledge to reduce the overall weight of own brand packaging by 15% by the end of this year. That means that the fuel used in transporting all The Co-operative’s products is reduced – and it means that our shopping is lighter too!

Bottling The Co-operative’s wine will use a massive 725 tonnes less glass a year. Another advantage is that it’ll save 556 tonnes of carbon dioxide being produced, that’s the equivalent of taking about 185 cars off the road! Wine is a good place to start as 97% of all wine sold in this country is bottled. The Co-operative also has a lightweight own brand whisky bottle too – the new standard sized bottle weighs in at just 298 grams against an average of 350 grams.

I suspect that it will be a long time before we will accept quality wines sold in plastic bottles in this country, but I’m sure it’ll happen, after all you can already buy great wines in boxes, and there the packaging weight is a lot less than the bottled equivalent. In the meantime it’s great to see The Co-operative leading the way again in helping us do our bit, just by shopping at there. I’m all for lightening our load!

The lightweighted wines are:


The Co-operative Australian Lime Tree Cabernet Sauvignon

The Co-operative Australian Lime Tree Merlot

The Co-operative Australian Lime Tree Pinot Grigio

The Co-operative Australian Lime Tree Chardonnay

The Co-operative Australian White

The Co-operative Australian Red


The Co-operative Cotes du Rhone

The Co-operative Vin de Pays Cotes de Gascogne


The Co-operative Spanish Dry White

The Co-operative Spanish Red

The Co-operative Spanish Medium Sweet White


The Co-operative Long Slim White

The Co-operative Long Slim Red

South Africa

The Co-operative South African Red

The Co-operative South African White

The Co-operative South Africa Rosé

The Co-operative Elephant Trail Cabernet Merlot

The Co-operative Elephant Trail Colombard Chardonnay


The Co-operative Sicilian Red

The Co-operative Sicilian White

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