Late May Bank Holiday 2014.

May 22, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 34264

This weekend is the last of the spree of bank holidays until the end of August, so let’s get out there and make the most of it.

The late May, or spring bank holiday was once a celebration of Whitsun, the Sunday when the Holy Spirit is said to have descended upon Christ’s disciples. The following Monday was given as a holiday. As Easter moves each year, then so did Whitsun, but in 1971 the holiday was moved to the last Monday in May by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act which governs bank holidays. Wow, that’s an important sounding name.

Now with many shops opening pretty much every day of the year it doesn’t feel as special as perhaps it once did, but nonetheless a day off is always welcome and there are some special events held on the spring bank holiday around the country.

The Big Picnic takes place at Hampton Court Palace, the Brighton Fringe is huge, exciting and gives you a good excuse to get down to the south coast. Further west there’s the Fal River Festival in Cornwall. My favourite though has to be the insane, hilarious, and undoubtedly dangerous Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race. If you don’t know about this most British and scary event do look it up on Youtube. Last year the event was won by an American for the first time – good luck all you cheese rollers. Let’s hope there are no broken bones this time. The event kicks off at 12.00 noon on Monday. Expect traffic chaos if you hope to join either the entrants or the revellers.

At The Co-operative this bank holiday you can take advantage of some tasty looking wine offers including the popular Wolf Blas yellow label chardonnay, or cabernet sauvignon, both at just £6.99, down from £9.99.

You can pick up a case of 18 cans of Foster’s or Strongbow at only £12.

New in season there are Jersey Royals – the most lovely spud from the Chanel Islands – a 750g bag is down to £1.50, usually £2, and British strawberries are £2 a punnet.

British asparagus isn’t in season for long, so take advantage now – two bunches are only £3 at The Co-operative until 3rd June.

While there might not be a Double Gloucester fit for rolling down Cooper’s Hill, there is a buy one get one free on Pilgrim’s Choice mature, or lighter cheddar. Much better in the fridge than on the grass!

Whatever you’re doing this bank holiday have a great time. I hope the sun shines, or at least that the rain stays away.

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