Great food deals – but be quick!

January 14, 2014 by The Co-op Observer All you need for a great stir fry - for a whole lot less.

Over the next week there are some great deals to look out for, and many that will help you eat a healthier diet too.

While many of us yearn for a healthier meals, we find that the demands of our lives get in the way of the time we’d love to spend preparing and enjoying food. Well here are a couple of ways to get around this that I love, and they are also in the food deals at The Co-operative this week.

Innocent Veg Pots: The people at Innocent seem to go out of their way to help us enjoy delicious food and drink, while also getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Their Veg Pots are my favourite hot lunch in a hurry at the moment – and they taste even better when they’re half price from The Co-operative! £1.94 a pot until 21st January.

British Chicken: Chicken is a great meat to cook quickly, and it’s low fat and tasty too. Right now you can buy mini breast fillets in handy packaging that’s designed so that you can use some now, and freeze some for later. There’s a third off 375g packs at just £3.00. British Fresh Chicken thighs are half price – a big 750g pack is only £1.75 until 21st of January.

Stir Fry Kits: Get well on your way to your five a day with a quick and healthier stir fry. Buy your stir fry vegetables, noodles, and sauce for just £3 for all three – add in some of those chicken breast fillets sliced to about a centimetre thick and you have a great meal in minutes, although it’s tasty with just the vegetables and sauce as well.

Cathedral City Cheddar: Cheddar cheese. What an awesome food it is! I could happily eat so much cheese, and I love it mature. Now Cathedral City have brought our their Cathedral City Lighter cheddar. It still has a great taste, yet has 30% less fat. That sounds like good news to me. And what’s even better both the traditional Mature and the new Lighter are half price until 21st January in the great cheese deal at The Co-operative. Get 350g packs for just £2.50.

These are some of the highlights, but click onto the deals pages from here and see all the other great bargains. There are fruit deals, some of my favourite fish cake deals, Muller Light Yoghurts and many more.

Remember you can create your shopping list as you browse, saving you money as you’re less likely to buy things you don’t need.

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