Great bread. Just 75p a loaf.

April 24, 2014 by The Co-operative Food Bread pack

Bread. The staff of life, one of the key staples the world over, and available at The Co-operative for only 75p for a big 800g family loaf!

Where would we be without bread?

Imagine a sandwich without it. It just doesn’t work, so imagine the high street without a single sandwich shop.

Imagine a life without toast. OK, my imagination is good, but it doesn’t stretch that far. I love toast. There was even a song written about it, remember “Toast, a little bit of toast?” As a student I’m sure there were many days when toast made up every meal we ate in our house.

It takes some beating for sheer variety too. From the French baguette with its crisp crust that leaves your mouth sore for the first day or two of your holidays en France, to the humble flatbreads of the Middle East, to the good old English toast loaf. Oops, there I go again on the toast trail. It’s also encouraging to see more artisan bakers turning out speciality breads that lift the simple sandwich to a new level.

At The Co-operative there are many loaves to choose from including specials that are baked fresh in store daily and now there’s a new Loved By Us range that’s available at a loveable price too.

From today you’ll be able to get four big 800g family loaves at just 75p each, and there’s a new full slice size small loaf at only 65p.

So what’s the deal?

There are two farmhouse 800g loaves baked in high tins to give a delicious crust, one’s white, and the other brown.

Then there’s a standard wholemeal loaf, again 800g and only 75p.

You’ll know the next one is my favourite – the toastie loaf, a thick sliced loaf that gives you a good toasted crust on the outside, but it’s thick enough to still be soft and white in the middle.

The fifth and smaller loaf is a clever introduction too – it’s a wholemeal farmhouse seeded loaf that gives you full sized slices, but fewer of them as it weighs in at 470g, just over half the size of a large loaf. That’s great for a making few sandwiches where there are fewer mouths to feed.

The new Loved By Us range is part of The Co-operative’s mission to be the best local food shop, offering you a good range of daily staples at hard to beat prices including these new breads alongside milk, eggs, chicken, bacon and bananas. With a store in every post code area of the country you know there’s a great shop near you.

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