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September 3, 2013 by The Co-operative Food

Right now at The Co-operative grab a great deal to help your money go further, whether you want to cook from scratch, or you need something that’s quick to feed the family.

Stock up on cooking sauces, they keep for a long time and help you create a great meal in minutes. For an Italian theme there are Dolmio and Lloyd Grossman sauces at half price, and remember to pick up your favourite half price Napolina pasta to go with it. You just need a pack of mince and maybe some parmesan to grate over the top and you’ll be serving up pasta “Just like mama”. Or if you fancy Indian, then look for Sharwood’s cooking sauces at just £1 a jar. Only until 3rd September fresh chicken breasts and salmon fillets are just £3.50 a pack – there you go, you just need rice and maybe a pack of nan breads and you’re away.

If cooking a meal with these lovely sauces is going to take too long then don’t despair, there are some amazing pizza deals too. Until 3rd September you can grab a pepperoni or a margharita for just £1.49! Meat feast and sweet chilli chicken are only £2, and from 4th September look out for the Pizza Express pizzas at half price, as well as good deals on The Co-operative’s extravagant stuffed crust pepperoni and cheese pizzas.

And if life is just about chips with everything then check out our chip deals too. There are crinkle cut oven chips at 2 bags for £2.50, just right to go with Findus fish fingers at half price, or a 4 pack of Findus chip shop fish in batter for just £3.

Whoever does the dishes will be pleased to see that we have a mega dishwasher tab deal on Persil’s Lemon Power – buy one pack and you’ll get two packs free! That should keep the plates clean for a while. Kitchen towels are on offer too.

From 4th of September do take advantage of our instore bakery offers when lots of lovely breads will be on sale at just £1 a loaf. You’ll see the crusty white cob on TV, and there are many others to try as well.

Here’s an idea to create a simple meal that is sure to make the family smile. There’s an excellent meat deal with sirloin steak at £4 a kilo off. Now it’s a fantastic meat cut to fry or grill and serve with chips, but it’s also gorgeous to use in beef stroganoff. This Russian classic dish is simple and quick to make, yet it looks amazing and tastes rather special too.

It’s not all food though, there are excellent drink deals on beers, wines and spirits.

Check out all of the shopping deals from The Co-operative on line by taking a look at our deals section, and see what you can save today.

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