Fruity, Zingy or Herby. A new range of shower gels to spice up your day

August 29, 2012 by The Co-operative Food shower  gel

When you want to get ready for action you can’t beat a shower to liven your senses and put a spring in your step. Whether it’s first thing in the morning to wash off your slumber, or after work or sport, a quick shower can work wonders.

Now it can be even better with our new range of zingy, herby and fruity super scented shower gels to stimulate mind and body.

We love a shower and we wanted to be sure The Co-operative had great products on the shelves that would suit our mood and set us up for the rest of the day. We have spent the last few months working with different natural extracts to find the perfect combination to leave you clean as a whistle and smelling mighty fine.

The Co-operative isn’t just interested in putting a great product in our stores. We’re only satisfied if it passes our stringent criteria for its manufacture and packaging too. These great new shower gels have been approved by Cruelty Free and BUAV. To achieve that we had to make sure that there has been no animal testing or other animal cruelty in the development or making of the products. We think it’s only right to maintain such high standards.

What will you choose?

Will you go for the fruity Pomegranate and Blueberry, the zesty Lime or the Tea Tree and Mint?

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