Fresh British Asparagus.

May 5, 2014 by The Co-op Observer 34182

The most exciting crop grown in Britain is just coming into season – but be quick, British grown asparagus is only around for a short time, it’s worth waiting for and searching out.

We can buy asparagus in the shops all year round now, and that’s great for cooks. The tasty and nutritious little spears are good in so many dishes. The best though is reserved for this time of year. British asparagus is in season from 23rd April – 21st June, although I have to admit that I don’t know who or what defines the dates.

The spears are best eaten as fresh as you can get them, and if you’re out driving in the countryside over the coming weeks keep an eye out for boards advertising fresh asparagus for sale straight from the farm. As a vegetable it always seems a bit more expensive, and that’s largely because of the effort that goes into growing it and the unpredictability of the crop. As a treat though it’s worth every penny.

At The Co-operative 50% of the asparagus sold is grown in Britain, so it hasn’t travelled far to get to your local store, and you can buy it just around the corner. Perfect.

There is a wealth of recipes to cook this favourite food with, although just snapping a few raw spears into a salad is good enough for me.

My favourites are the most simple – either steamed or quickly boiled and served with butter is a simple starter, and it looks better still if you poach an egg to serve with it.

For breakfast today we had boiled eggs and skinny asparagus spears which we fried in a little butter, lemon juice and black pepper – gorgeous flavours, and they looked good too. That was what inspired me to get writing now.

In the new Food Magazine which will be in store in next week, and online from 14th May, you’ll find lots of other ideas including the simple new potato, asparagus and radish salad, asparagus and pancetta risotto and an asparagus and Jersey Royal frittata.

There’s so much good food in season right now. Super tasty new potatoes, courgettes, broad beans, strawberries and more. We’re used to being able to buy most things all year round but the best is usually home grown on British soil, fresh from the farm to your plate.

Indulge in British asparagus and you’ll know that summer is nearly here.

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