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September 30, 2013 by The Co-operative Food Cafedirect Find Hannah

Finding Hannah is a campaign from the Fairtrade Foundation taking a humorous look at how we all have the power to change the world through buying Fairtrade coffee.

The aim is to connect coffee lovers to the farming communities who grow their favourite beans through a digital treasure hunt and a series of short online films.

The fun and games begin in a Co-operative store in Clapham, London, where well-known comedian Tony Law is filmed setting out on a mission to teach people who don’t buy Fairtrade coffee a lesson in ‘Fairdom’.

It’s here he bumps into Fairtrade novice, Hannah, who he takes on a ‘bean to cup’ Fairtrade adventure, all the way to a coffee cooperative in the Southern Hemisphere, to educate and connect her to the farming communities.

Over the two weeks, Fairtrade coffee fans can watch the mini-series to unlock clues that slowly reveal the country they are visiting. If you guess where in the world they are at, you can win a trip out there for two.

Tony says: ‘This campaign is simply about how very small choices around what coffee you drink can help improve the lives of disadvantaged farmers in the Southern Hemisphere. So c’mon and join me on my virtual travels around the world so you too can win the journey of a lifetime!’

To improve the chance of winning the grand prize, entrants can get special codes from any of the four lead campaign partners, the Co-operative, CafeDirect, Greggs and Starbucks, which unlock exclusive film content containing comedy gold from Tony and additional clues. Each day during the two weeks entrants will also have a chance to win hundreds of bonus prizes and learn about the environmental, economic and social impact of Fairtrade for coffee farmers.

1) You can find your first exclusive Co-operative clue on your till receipt when you make a purchase in store* during the campaign (30th Sept to 13th October).

2) Your second Co-operative clue is just a couple of clicks away at

3) Your third clue can be found by visiting Cafedirect 










* The Co-operative Food stores and selected other societies.

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