Our latest report: Fairtrade wine sales are looking rosé!

December 7, 2015 by The Co-operative Food FT report front cover

Our recent study shows the nation’s growing thirst for Fairtrade wine, with one in every three bottles of Fairtrade wine being sold by the Co-op!

The benefits of Fairtrade, which provides a minimum price and a social premium to growers and producers, came to life on Friday when the first 15 students graduated from Tilimuqui Secondary School in the La Riojana Province of Argentina. The school was completed in September 2012 using the proceeds from Fairtrade wine, and it provides education to the older children in this remote region – something which was previously unavailable.

This is just one of the many projects funded by Co-op customers buying Fairtrade products and is a real testimony to the ways in which Fairtrade can help improve the lives of farmers and their families in developing countries.

The Co-op has been leading the way with fairly-traded wine since launching the UK’s first own-label bottle in 2000 – before the Fairtrade mark was established. We now sell 25 different wines from all the major Fairtrade wine producing countries. According to the report, the market for Fairtrade wine is currently in growth in the UK – with 78% of Brits saying they would buy a bottle of fairly-traded wine. On the benefits of Fairtrade, British wine writer, Oz Clarke said:

“Every bottle of Fairtrade wine you buy improves the lot of some of the poorest people on the planet. Enjoy it because it tastes good. Enjoy it because you’re doing good.”

The graduates of Tilimuqui Secondary School are a heart-warming example of the benefits of Fairtrade, and we hope our customers continue to buy fairly-trading wine to help build a better future for our producers, their families and communities.

To learn more, read our Fairtrade Wine Report.


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