Eid 2014

July 26, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 29774

Eid 2014.


Eid is a great time of celebration, the end of the fasting of Ramadan, and an opportunity to show off in finest or new clothes.

After a month of fasting from dawn to dusk, when the moon rises at the start of the month of Shawwal, Ramadan is over and the feasting begins.

Generosity is shown in charitable donations, respect for the elderly, even gifts being presented by shop keepers to anyone making a purchase. The dead are remembered, but more than anything else, once the correct practises have been observed at the mosque then fine meals are prepared for all the family and friends.

Because the Islamic calendar is lunar, Ramadan, and therefore Eid, comes earlier each year, by approximately 11 days. Many wait for the sighting of the new moon with the naked eye, but for convenience others rely on the astronomical calendar which certainly helps if it’s a cloudy night on Monday.

Meals to celebrate Eid will vary according to country, but may include such delicious treats as a lamb and date tagine. The tagine itself is the cooking pot, a strange shaped dish with a funnel lid that collects steam and allows slow cooking of meats to result in tender and flavoursome stews that often mix fruits with meat. Elsewhere mixed dals, and curries might be on the menu, but wherever you find yourself celebrating Eid on Monday 28th July or Tuesday 29th July you are likely to enjoy generosity of spirit and fabulous foods.

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