Easter egg-tastic!

March 18, 2013 by The Co-operative Food The Co-operative Truly Irresistible raspberry pecan Easter egg

The lovely people at The Co-operative do Fairtrade chocolate better than most, and they are particularly excited (or should that be eggcited) about their Easter eggs for this year.

The fab Truly Irresistible Fairtrade butterscotch egg is back from last year after so many people asked for it, and new this year is an absolute beauty.

Even the name is a gorgeous mouthful, it’s called the Truly Irresistible Fairtrade raspberry pecan Easter egg. I think it’s one of the best looking eggs on the shelves at the moment, and when you’re giving eggs as presents at Easter you want them to look special as well as tasting great.

You can’t try before you buy, but fortunately there are lucky people out there who taste test many different eggs and then give reviews. How lucky are they?!

The search engine AOL does so much more than just helping us find what we need online, and recently they have been on an Easter egg tasting expedition to find the best on our high streets. And guess what they found? Yep, The Co-operative’s gorgeous Truly Irresistible Fairtrade raspberry pecan Easter egg is their favourite – and it was up against some stiff and expensive competition too, including favourites by Cadbury and Nestle.

After judging the packaging as having a ‘striking, expensive-looking box’ the lucky taste testers then blind tasted 16 eggs. They just loved The Co-operative’s, saying  it has a ‘lovely crunchy texture with an interesting fruity twist’ – that’ll be the raspberries. And of course it’s Fairtrade so that makes it better still!

Watch the latest TV advert from The Co-operative which features both the delicious Truly Irresistible Fairtrade Easter eggs.

The religious symbolism of the Easter egg is rather serious, I’ll cover it in my blog post about the Easter holidays, but nowadays most of us enjoy Easter eggs with less thought to their origin. If you’re giving presents to friends and family this year then make it a Truly Irresistible egg, whether you go for the butterscotch or the new raspberry pecan you can be sure you’ll earn a big smile. They’re on sale now, and at just five pounds each they are a lot better priced than many of the competition in the AOL.co.uk taste test.

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