How the #doorstepchallenge spread joy this Christmas

January 8, 2016 by The Co-operative Food

This year, our Christmas TV advert was all about a good turn for someone in need. In true Christmas spirit, we wanted to extend this feeling of goodwill to our local communities, so Co-op staff decided to bring our advert to life. Across the country, colleagues helped hundreds of locals by leaving bags of shopping on their doorsteps with the #doorstepchallenge.


To inspire others and spread the festive cheer, they shared their good deed by posting pictures on social media using the hashtag. The idea quickly caught on. Up and down the country, customers were brightening up Christmases everywhere with this simple, kind gesture. Hundreds joined the Co-op and embraced the conversation around #doorstepchallenge on social media, but it didn’t stop there!


When unprecedented flooding hit the North West and South Scotland on Boxing Day, Co-op colleagues were on hand to help those affected with donations of food. A number of our own stores were also affected. As not to let communities down, we organised pop up stores in areas such as Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire and Abbleby in Cumbria.


It just goes to show that Christmas really is the season of goodwill! One customer was so inspired, she wrote a poem about it!

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