Don’t let Mother’s Day surprise you – it’s Sunday 30th March.

March 19, 2014 by The Co-op Observer

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year it’s extra special. Sunday 30th March is also the last Sunday in March – and that means it’s when the hour changes too.

The clocks spring forward next Sunday. So do Mum a lovely favour and rather than letting her get up early with an hour’s less sleep, why not treat her to a lovely breakfast in bed.

Perhaps you’ll go all the way and serve her a glass of fizz with her scrambled eggs – the rather special Co-operative Prosecco NV is just £9.99 a bottle, and it even won a Which? Best Buy recently. The delightfully sparkling and fruity Les Pionniers Champagne is £19.99 when only champagne will do.

Buy her roses, or a lovely bouquet of mixed flowers. A beautiful bunch of Fairtrade roses are just £10 for Mother’s Day, and a Mother’s Dream bouquet with a mix of roses, chrysanths, gerberas, waxflowers, antirrhinums and fragrant eucalyptus is just £20.

We’ve got flowers and fizz. What’s missing? Well, chocolate of course, and you can choose from all sorts, but particularly tempting are the Belgian Fairtrade chocolates, and the Fairtrade white chocolate lemon dusted truffles, both form the Truly Irresistible range.

Mother’s Day is all about taking a moment to say thank you to our mums. In years gone by young people in service to the big houses would have Mother’s Sunday off to go home to see their mothers. They’d sometimes take flowers picked from the hedgerows, and perhaps gifts from the big house. It all sounds rather romantic doesn’t it? But I bet it was a lot harder than just picking up the phone to order a gift, or popping around to your local Co-operative.

While Mother’s Day is pegged in the calendar to the fourth Sunday of lent, it is in fact a global celebration and not one particular to Christianity. The celebrations can be traced back to the ancient Greek god of Rhea, Mother of the Gods – I wonder what they did back then…

Even if you’re too late to make her breakfast, pop into The Co-operative a pick up a bottle of Baileys for just £10 – surprise her and pour some over her ice cream at lunch time.


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