Deals to snap up before 11th February.

January 26, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 31545

At your local Co-operative look out for some very tempting deals at £1, £2 and £3. Many more items are half price.

With a planned shopping list you can bring down the cost of your weekly shop, yet eat so well.

A favourite in our household is a roast gammon joint – and you can buy either a smoked or unsmoked gammon at half price – it’s just £5 for a 1.1kg pack. Look back to the December January Food Magazine for a super tasty recipe for a gammon joint with a citrus glaze – it’s a festive recipe, but tastes too good to only use at Christmas.

The gammon joint isn’t the only meat deal though, look out for the pork leg joint which is half price at £3.79, it’s ideal for a Sunday roast, and then there’s a veg deal with many of your lovely seasonal winter veg at just a pound.

And here’s a little tip if you like garlic, we always pop a few unpeeled cloves of garlic around the roasting tin, but if a few are out of the juices and look a bit dry and shrivelled after roasting, try one whole. The skin’s papery anyway, and the garlic inside will be sweet and tangy.

It’s Chinese New Year on Friday 31st of January to celebrate the start of Year of the Horse – create your own Chinese feel at home with The Co-operative’s stir fry kits. You can pick up a pack of noodles, a sauce and a pack of stir fry veg for just £3, and at the moment you can buy a twin pack of diced chicken breast for just £3. Use one side now, and pop the other in the fridge or freezer for later. You can have a tasty stir fry served in minutes, with or without the chicken.

There are also Sharwoods oriental sauces, noodles and prawn crackers all at just a pound.

Have you ever cooked a tagine? You don’t need the funky looking pot with its hat shape for the first time you try it, any large oven dish with a tight fitting lid will do. A tagine is a North African dish rich with spices, fruits and meats and fills your home with an amazing smell as it’s cooking. It came to mind as I was looking at the chicken deal and wondering what I’ll cook this week with the skinned and boneless thighs that are half price at just £2.25. Half price chicken is something I’ll always snap up as it’s so versatile. The good thing when you buy fresh from The Co-operative you know it’s always higher welfare British meat.

There’s always a good wine deal at The Co-operative and right now you can buy Signal Post shiraz or chardonnay. These south east Australian wines are good on their own, or with a meal. The shiraz will certainly go well with the roast I’m planning.

Pizza is a favourite in almost every household, and it’s certainly an easy meal to fall back on. There are a couple of The Co-operative’s Loved By Us deep pan pizzas in the fridge right now – well, at £2 each it would seem rude to miss them.

Whatever you fancy, there’s a good deal for you at The Co-operative. Check out the full range of food deals, drink deals and other bargains on the deal pages, or download the free app and plan your shopping on the move.

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