Co-op named UK’s most Ethical and Green Drinks Retailer

February 5, 2016 by The Co-operative Food

For the third year running, the Co-op has been crowned the UK’s most Ethical and Green Drinks Retailer at the Drinks Retailing Awards.


We were named the UK’s most Ethical and Green Drinks Retailer at the Drink Retailer Awards

The judges recognised our continuing commitment to Fairtrade and the vital projects we’ve helped to deliver to developing communities.

As UK’s largest retailer of fairly-traded wine, Co-op sales make up two-thirds of all sales in the country as well as one-third of sales globally. Through these sales, we have been helping producers and their families to build a better future for themselves, which you can learn more about at our Fairtrade Community Hub.

Our latest project is a major housing development in South Africa and a medical centre in Argentina which will help 30,000 people.

Edward Robinson, Fairtrade wine buyer at the Co-op, said:

“Our commitment to Fairtrade is at the heart of our business as we know just how important it is to our customers, our members and of course our growers. Key to this success has been forging close relationships with the producers involved, working together not just on blending the wines themselves but on the social projects which the sales of the wines support – this is no ‘off the peg’ venture for us.

“To know that shoppers are involved in the judging process to help award the winner is fantastic as it shows that the public are continuing to value the lengths that we go to as a retailer.”

Martin Green, Editor at Off Licence News, said:

“The Co-operative is a shining example to all other operators in the field of green and ethical retailing. It has a fantastic track record of championing Fairtrade wine and this has benefited many communities in countries like Chile, Argentina and South Africa, leading to schemes to build housing developments and medical centres. For this award, judges took particular account of shipping, packaging, investment in Fairtrade and other ethical supply schemes, and the Co-operative ticked all the boxes, making it a very worthy winner in a competitive field.”

Click here to read our latest Fairtrade Wine Report, and to learn more about our commitment to Fairtrade and ethically trading.


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