Christmas saving made easy

October 30, 2012 by The Co-operative Food 27394

Facing the cost of Christmas is never easy, but fortunately at The Co-operative we do what we can to make it easier with Christmas deals and our Christmas Savings Stamps.

Christmas Savings Stamps are just like the Christmas Clubs that a lot of people will remember. They’re designed to help you save while hardly noticing the cost.

Just remember to pick up a savings book at the checkout next time you’re in store, and then buy a couple of stamps every time you shop. Your savings will soon mount up, and when you get to £48 we’ll give you an extra £2, give you £50 of savings.

You can save right through the year, but if you haven’t started yet it’s not too late.

Your stamps can be redeemed throughout December, perfect for spending on Christmas treats or maybe a bottle of bubbly for Christmas morning. And with fresh turkeys, beef joints and gammon available in most stores, you could even use saving stamps to buy your whole Christmas dinner.

Co-operative saving stamps - making christmas simple

There are just four simple steps:

  1. Pick up a savings book next time you’re in store at The Co-operative.
  2. Buy a few stamps, whatever you can afford, each time you shop, and stick them into your book.
  3. Each time you get to £48 stamps we’ll top your book value up to £50 as a little bonus from us.
  4. Save your books for December and redeem them against whatever you want in store – whether it’s to help fund your whole Christmas dinner, for party food, or a special treat.

Christmas Savings Stamps; a simple idea that will help you have a great Christmas.

Take a look at our saving stamps page for more and for some handy FAQ’s:

Also, you can take a look at our latest deals on our deals page:

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