British Poinsettias at The Co-operative Food

November 20, 2013 by The Co-operative Food poinsettia nicky and kevin2

This Christmas, The Co-operative Food is supporting British flower growers by stocking 100% British Poinsettias, all grown on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border.

Poinsettias have been associated with Christmas for centuries. An old Mexican legend tells of a little girl and her brother who attended church for the traditional Christmas service, but were too poor to take a gift to present to the baby Jesus. The legend says that the little girl was inspired to gather some weeds at the roadside as her gift, but as she lay them down, they burst into bright red flowers and turned into stunning Poinsettias. The shape of the poinsettia flowers and leaves are sometimes thought to be a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the three wise men to the baby Jesus, and the red leaves symbolise the blood of Christ

KJ Curson Growers in Upwell, Wisbech, have been growing poinsettias for over eight years. This year, the grower has installed a fully sustainable and more eco-friendly biomass boiler to heat its greenhouses, which uses straw from local farms as a fuel source, rather than oil, leading to a large C02 saving.

Nicky Baynton, Buyer for Horticulture at The Co-operative Food, commented: “We are really proud to offer our shoppers 100% British Poinsettias this year, and a week earlier than usual. The demand for Poinsettias at Christmas just keeps on growing.

“Poinsettias are sensitive to temperature change, so they must be kept away from drafts and cold areas. Water regularly with tepid water to keep the compost moist (but not drenched) and Poinsettias should last over the festive season. They really are a beautiful addition to the home during Christmas.”

 British Poinsettias will be available in selected Co-operative stores nationwide from 19 November 2013, priced £3.50 each.

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