Bring a taste of Spain to Bolton, Bognor or Braemar.

April 30, 2014 by The Co-op Observer 33031

When you think of Spain what comes to mind first?

Is it the sunshine, the sangria or the tapas?

Many of the great bars, and indeed the little ones too in Spain pride themselves on their range of tapas. In some areas you’ll find bars dedicated to particular types of tapas.

In Madrid you might be lucky enough to have a local take you on a tapas walk of an evening, having a small drink in each bar – ideally a fino (sherry) or a caña (a small draught beer). You might enjoy patas brava here, paella there, and chorizo cooked slowly in red wine over there. Each one a little treat, and just enough to tempt you to try the next place and another small drink.

The tapas is said to originate from small pieces of salty food being used as lids for drinks in the bars of a Spain long gone, and today you can try a massive range. Many bars still offer tapas for free, but others go to town on special creations, there’s even a national tapas competition in November, I bet that is an amazing occasion.

It’s great to eat tapas in Spain, but it’s too good to wait until the next holidays, so why not pop down to your local Co-operative and snap up a few portions from its tasty new tapas range?

There are 18 new tapas style meals that will be in selected shops from 30 April – just in time for the sunshine (we hope). They’re priced at £2.49 each, or buy three for £6.

The new tapas selection makes an ideal snack choice, something to nibble on between meals, or buy a few more and make a whole meal of different flavours. There are meats, breads, cheeses, olives and a whole lot more.

Here’s just a small selection:

Chorizo in red wine.

Garlic mushrooms.

Meat balls in tomato sauce.

Chicken and chorizo paella.

Patas brava – every tapas meal, be it a snack or a feast needs patas brava!

Stuffed olives.


The list goes on – cold snacks, and hot, each one has been selected for a great tapas experience, wherever you are.

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