Barbecue Summer?

June 11, 2014 by The Co-operative Food 16565

Yesterday I was up with the larks and enjoyed a special early morning before the forecasted rain came hammering down from about 10.00am. By early evening the sun was back though, and the barbecues were lighting around Chorlton.

I’d done my shopping in the afternoon with little in the way of a plan, I was happy to let the shelves inspire me – and inspire they sure did.

Sometimes there’s just too much meat on a barbecue, so I looked for alternatives that I could thread onto a few skewers that could go onto the coals with everything else.

Haloumi is a good thing to start with – although it’s cheese it doesn’t melt like a cheddar and has a great texture when grilled. I made up a quick marinade using chopped chilli and chopped garlic that were so quick and easy to use with a good splash of olive oil. I soaked the cheese in that for a couple of hours before skewering it along with different coloured chunks of pepper and courgette.

I didn’t want to go meat free though and so I picked up two packs of the Truly Irresistible Ultimate Hot Dogs with their ideal bread partner the Ultimate Brioche Hot Dog Rolls. Brioche seemed to have arrived in Britain as a burger bun a few years back and the lighter sweeter texture certainly goes well with grilled meats. The hot dogs are a good deal at £3 for 6.

I didn’t have a lot of preparation time so I was pleased to see the new Caribbean Chicken Fillet Skewers, they went in the basket as did a pack of Sweet and Sticky Barbecue Pork Ribs.

My final contribution was a delicious Florida salad that had all sorts of fruits – oranges, apple, pineapple and more with shredded cabbage and a dressing. I had that and a big pot of jalapeno coleslaw.

The great thing about hosting a barbecue is that you’re often left with enough food for the next week – I know our friend’s fridge was looking very healthy even when we left. He had enough beer left for the first big match too – I know where I’ll be going!

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