How about a barbecue for Monday’s tea?

July 27, 2014 by The Co-operative Food Barbecue heaven.

We had a barbecue on Saturday evening, just a spontaneous affair in the woods. Six people, one of those large disposable barbecues, and a veritable feast of goodies.

We’d skewered king prawns along with courgette chunks and red pepper for something that would be quick to cook. Although we weren’t too organised we popped on a few homemade burgers too.

We knocked up a quick salad and took that with us in Tupperware boxes.

But the best bit was that we didn’t drink beers, we had a couple of bottles of the completely lovely Co-operative Prosecco. It’s great value when it’s at £9.99, but right now it’s only £6.99. What a bargain, so we snapped up a few bottles.

Last night’s barbecue was good, but it did feel like a little more preparation would have made it even better.

Now I love a challenge so I’m rising to this one and planning another barbecue for Monday’s tea. Here’s the plan:

Marinated lamb kebabs. Kebabs are great, easy to prepare, and always go down well. For my marinade I’m using cumin seeds, coriander seeds, lots of black pepper, coarse salt, lemon juice and oil. I have already ground the spices and stirred them into the juices and the cubes of lamb are sitting in the fragrant result in the fridge. I use metal skewers as I believe the metal conducts the heat to the centre of the meat more quickly, but you can use wooden ones provided you remember to soak them first.

Monkfish kebabs. This is really pushing the boat out. I’m having monkfish tails, king prawns, and courgettes. The fish and prawns will go into their marinade in the morning, it will be crushed garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic and something herby like dill, or basil, whatever I can find. These guys cook quickly, but the monkfish isn’t as sensitive as most, it holds together well even if you do over cook it a little.

Green Apple Slaw: I’m a big fan of coleslaw and I like the sound of the Green Apple Slaw in this month’s Food Magazine. Adding little apple sticks will give the slaw a nice crunch and an interesting flavour.

Easy Paella: This recipe is from the magazine too, it’s super easy, and I’ll throw a few prawns and monkfish chunks into it too for a more authentic feel.

This is going to be some barbecue! Now all I need is sunshine again tomorrow evening.

While I will enjoy pulling all these bits together, there is a simple route to a great barbie feast. The Co-operative’s barbecue range is not only convenient, it’s weather proof too. If the clouds come over and the drops begin to fall, save the fire for another day and pop it all into the oven.

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