Around the world in twelve new tastes

June 16, 2014 by The Co-operative Food cooking pastes

Keen cooks with a passion for world cuisine will be able to spice up their creations this summer with a range of fantastic new flavours from The Co-operative Food that will add the finishing touches to a range of adventurous dishes.

In stores from 16 June, ouretailer’s new cooking pastes take inspiration from across the globe, including a Katsu Paste, Harissa Paste, Paella Paste, Five Spice Paste and Ginger and Lime Paste.

There’s also a Tagine Blend, a Korma Blend and a Tikka Blend, plus products such as Chopped Garlic and Chopped Chilli Рwhich all allow cooks to knock up incredible dishes in a much shorter time, and without the use of a pestle and mortar.

Whether whipping up a stunning dinner party centre piece or marinating meat on the BBQ, this new range raises the bar in the flavour stakes for home-cooked food.  All the pastes use clean ingredients that would be found in the kitchen cupboard or fridge, and meets stringent salt guidelines.

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