20% off many Fairtrade lines. Fairtrade Fortnight 2014.

February 22, 2014 by The Co-op Observer A full range of Fairtrade products

20% off many lines during Fairtrade fortnight at The Co-operative. 24 February – 9 March.

From its small beginnings in 1992 the Fairtrade Foundation has grown to an international concern, making a real difference to the everyday lives of millions.

At the simplest level Fairtrade is all about helping smaller food producers across the world achieve fairer prices for their products. The organisation encourages and assists the formation of local co-operatives which in turn work together to compete better on world markets. The organisation not only ensures better prices for growers, it also pays a “Fairtrade Premium” which is invested into the local communities of its suppliers.

The principle of Fairtrade is at the very heart of the co-operative movement and has been supported by The Co-operative since before the recognised Fairtrade mark was developed.

The Co-operative was the first UK supermarket to stock Fairtrade products, working with Café Direct way back in 1991, and now the business is involved in advising and assisting many projects around the world.

Being the first to support is a great accolade, but it’s what’s happening now, and into the future that will continue to make the difference.

Fairtrade products have long been sold in every Co-operative store in the UK, and many of The Co-operative’s own brand products are 100% Fairtrade such as:

  • Coffee. 100% Fairtrade since 2003
  • Tea. 100% Fairtrade since 2008 (and The Co-operative’s famous 99 tea now specifically supports small Kenyan projects)
  • Bananas. 100% Fairtrade since 2012
  • Chocolate. The Co-operative is the only supermarket to sell 100% Fairtrade across all it’s chocolate bars, and it has done so since 2002.

Now The Co-operative looks beyond Fairtrade to understand and act on the best ways it can use its significant buying power to benefit the poorer communities it sources from. We’ll be posting further articles on the blog over the two weeks of Fairtrade Fortnight to explain what beyond Fairtrade means now.

Look out for many Fairtrade lines with 20% off during Fairtrade Fortnight – and if you’re a student with an NUS Extra card you get an even better deal with a further 10% off.

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