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April 3, 2013 by The Co-operative Food italian-art5

Italy has offered us some great foods to liven up our British diet. And during April The Co-operative will have some excellent offers on Italian foods and wines making it easier to treat the family to an Italian extravaganza.

Just think of a life without pizza and pasta! It doesn’t sound tempting to me. I love Italian food, both the more obvious fare such as the pasta based dishes which make up a lot of our family’s menu, and the more robust fish and meats. Probably the first time that I ate meat that had been cooked with fruit was an Italian dish – there’s one in the spring Food Magazine now that has chicken with olives and prunes. The deep sweetness of the prunes is offset nicely by the olives – it works with stronger flavoured meats too.

Look out for the April offers leaflets and stock up on pastas and sauces, as well as some of the excellent wines you’ll probably see advertised on TV. Here’s a selection of my favourites.

Napolita dried pasta along with Sacla pestos and Dolmio Bolognese sauces are all half price between 3rd and 23rd April. If you haven’t got time to cook up a sauce from scratch these are great for a quick meal – and you can use pesto to liven up all sorts of dishes, even a sandwich.

I’d grab a few bottles of the Saluti wines too, they are only £4.99 a bottle during the offer period. The Co-operative’s own branded Pinot Grigio and Chianti are also just £4.99.

The Truly Irresistible pasta is particularly good and you can buy a bag of TI pasta and a sauce for £2.50. That’s a meal in itself, but if you fancy giving a bit more pizzazz then use the sauce as a base for a heartier meal adding mince and topping it with a generous grating of parmesan or another hard cheese. The chilli sauce has a great kick to it too!

Even when you are in a hurry your Italian dinner is catered for at The Co-operative – how about an evening meal deal with a cheesy pasta main course, garlic bread and a tiramisu or panacotta for dessert at just £5? Then maybe add a bag of Italian salad for just a pound.

When you have time to cook from scratch though check out the great recipes in the current Food Magazine, you can pick it up in store, or read it online. I mentioned the chicken with olives and prunes – but how about home made gnocchi? Or the lovely salmon fillets with a cheesy tomato crust? On The Co-operative website you’ll find many more recipes to choose from including risottos and a fiery putanesca.

A taste of Italy will bring the gorgeous rich tomato sauces and pastas of Italy to your home for a whole lot less through April, with some lovely wines to enjoy too. Look out for the offers in store, or check out online before you shop.

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