Autumn – a time of plenty

September 25, 2013 by The Co-operative Food autumn-drinks

After the best summer we’ve seen in Britain for many years it’s now time to bring in the harvest across the country. On The Co-operative’s fruit farms, apples and pears are a major crop and they’re picking through the next couple of months.

There will be a variety of different dessert apples and pears in store over autumn and winter as different fruits reach their best. Apples will be harvested for the wonderful Tillington Hills Cider, Tillington 1000 pressed apple juice, and the British Cox apple juice.

Apples are whisked from picking to the press in just 24 hours for the award winning cider, but then they spend 3 months maturing before they are fermented and filtered to create this gorgeous dry cider. It’s the perfect accompaniment to some great British Pork, whether you like to roast it, or take the easy route with bangers and mash.

When you buy your pork fresh from The Co-operative you know that it’s British and traceable, but also that it’s higher welfare meaning that the outdoor bred pigs have had a good life with plenty of light and space.

Autumn heralds the changing seasons, shorter days, falling temperatures, and you could feel a little sad about the passing of summer. But instead of that let’s embrace the change, wrap up warm and get out there to enjoy the turning leaves, the feasts from the hedgerows and the rewards of coming home to a hearty meal. The new Food magazine is in stores now and it’s packed with ideas for sharing the bounty of this year’s bumper harvest that’s so good after the cold spring and warm summer.

Autumn is also the harvesting time for a crop we see less of these days, but which is so important to the nation’s favourite tipple. Hops are a key ingredient in creating great beers and are grown in many counties, in particular Kent and Herefordshire.

Over the last few years the British hop has enjoyed a modest revival, fuelled largely by the growing following of the interesting beers from micro-breweries across the country. That’s great news for fans of good beer, and there are a few beauties to try at The Co-operative too. Brewed at independent brewers and including an organic ale, Bumble Honey ale, the strong brown ale from Lancashire and my favourite, the bottle conditioned Gold Miner, these are all good for drinking on their own, or paired with food.

Enjoying a fine glass with dinner is no longer restricted to wines. There are great beers and ciders to enjoy at The Co-operative, and what better time is there to stock up than when the evenings begin to draw in?

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